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Basic information for companies

To complete the educational offer of its students, the Department of Economics and Management organizes curricular traineeship / project work / thesis experiences in Italian or foreign companies.Traineeships are part of the study plan (Bachelor's and Master's Degree).
Allt he procedure is done on a platform: Almalaurea: specifically working for matching supply and demand of competencies.
Companies, as well as students, must register on the Almalaurea website in order to have access to the useful functions present here.
For the activation of the traineeship, reference is made to the procedure published on the website of the traineeship office.
The University of Ferrara acts as a promoter and, as such, is committed to the correct handling of the formalities and the payment of insurance for its trainees.

The company will have to sign an agreement with the University and also a training project for each interneeship experience it will host.

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