Requisiti di accesso

May 17, 2023

Avvisi in evidenza

Requisiti di accesso

The requirements are met by candidates who possess a Bachelor’s degree in Physics, or italian Laurea triennale belonging to the L-30 class or to the 25 class, or have a certified foreign Bachelor’s degree.

Good spoken and written english skills are also required (for further details please check the web page of the Master’sdegree). The evaluation of the applicant’s qualifications and of the Physics background will be done by an Evaluation Committee, that will also perform an Admission interview useful to verify the applicant’s scientific background and the english language skills required for acceptance.

Scientific background assumed in the course includes:

  • Good practical knowledge of Calculus, Geometry and Algebra.
  • Basic notions of Chemistry.
  • Good understanding of basical Classical Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Electromagnetism and Optics.
  • Familiarity of experimentation and its techniques; basic electronics.
  • Knowledge of the main theories in Classical and Modern Physics, Special Relativity, Quantum Mechanics and relative mathematical methods, and elements of Statistical Mechanics.
  • Sufficient mastership of the English language to understand Physics textbooks in English and lectures in English.
  • Computing skills : ability to use existing scientific programs.
  • Ability to understand and solve (or at least know how can be solved) Physics problems.