General Informations


The timetable of the courses is published on the study course site Orario delle lezioni. 
Check here your daily agenda or use the App GetUpdate.

Attendance at lessons

Attendance at the lessons is compulsory, do not choose overlapping teachings in the timetable.

Start of teaching activity

The teaching activity will begin:

  • Semester I
    from Monday 27th September 2021 for the classes of the II, III, IV, V year courses
    from 4th October 2021 for the classes of the first year course
  • Semester II
    from Monday 28 February 2022 

Lessons will be held in presence or, in the case of institutional arrangements, in digital or mixed mode.
The incoming mobility student must to notify the teachers of the course they wish to follow by indicating their Unife e-mail address, so that the teachers can insert you in the course mailing list. You can find here the contact details of the teachers. 

Our courses in English are (2021-22):

Master's degree Architecture

  • English - 6 cfu 
  • Urban planning B - 7 cfu (Progettazione Urbanistica B) 
  • Techniques of Urban and Territorial analysis B - 2 cfu  (Tecniche di analisi Urbane e Territoriali B)

These courses are modules of Urban design Laboratory B (Laboratorio di urbanistica B) 

  • Architectural Composition - 7 cfu (Composizione architettonica)
  • Landscape Architecture - 2 cfu (Architettura del paesaggio)

These courses are modules of Architectural design laboratory IV A (Laboratorio di progettazione architettonica IV A) 

The other lessons are in Italian.

Use of platforms for online connections

As a preferred tool, the Meet+Classroom platform will be available free of charge for Unife students among mydesk tools. To this platform, it will be possible to combine any other tools at the discretion of each teacher. Remember google classroom memberships for online lessons should only be done with Unife account.  To activate it, you must immediately access your account @edu by Mydesk
If you have any doubts or need assistance using Classroom and Google Meet, you can contact the distance tutoring service here.

Protocol for the use of classrooms according to COVID safety regulations

Strictly adhere to the protocol for the use of classrooms and signage that you will find in the Department.
It is required to sign the attendance register in the classroom, so as to make possible any tracking in case of need.
The teaching activity in presence must take place in compliance with the decrees in force on the national territory and the provisions of the University, respecting the indications on behavioral norms and on the use of spaces given by specific signage.