20th Century History, Architecture and workshop


20th Century History, Architecture and workshop
Delivered in English


This workshop will be provided through the Department of Architecture of the University of Ferrara for a maximum of 40 students enrolled in any kind of School of our University (both Italian and international students).

In case of enrolment requests in excess of capacity, International students will take priority.

Minimum attendance is 80% of course hours (thus 39 hours out of 48), including any potential exam conflicts for other courses during the workshop period.

Registration will take place through the Workshop Coordinator on behalf of the Department of Architecture, who will also manage the attendance register, carry out a tutoring role and provide a final certificate of the Course completion. This certificate will be sent both to the participating student, and to his/her University's educational secretariat and Department secretariat.



These workshops will be available for all students enrolled at the University of Ferrara, with these priorities:

Students from abroad (Erasmus, Atlante, etc)

Students of the School of Industrial Design

Students of the School of Architectures

Students of the Department of Humanities

Other students



• History of the Twentieth century (12 hours)

Lessons will deal with fundamental topics of twentieth century architecture through the analysis of works the most representative of architectural contemporary debate. Particular attention will be paid to Italian architecture from the beginning of the twentieth century to the post-World War II.

• History of Twentieth century architecture (16 hours)

• History of Twentieth century product design (16 hours)

• Visit to a historical monument or museum (in Ferrara or other cities) where students can deepen understanding of topics explained in the course (4 hours)

•  Classroom interviews (contextual to the course) and questions during the final visit


This workshop is suitable for any School that provides "humanities" courses.

This workshop gives a cross-reading of the fields of history, architecture and product design, throughout the exceptionally rich twentieth century.

Knowledge of English at B1 level or equivalent is required (self-certification is accepted from students coming from English speaking Countries).


Information: arch. Maddalena Coccagna | e-mail: cnm@unife.it

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