Course quality assurance

Each Degree Course is subjected to an ongoing quality evaluation process to guarantee transparency, efficiency and innovation. The purpose of this evaluation process is to improve the quality and the prospective accreditation of each Degree Course by proper Accrediting Agencies. 

Course information

As part of a Quality Assurance system, the University produces complete, updated, and easily accessible information on the course's objectives, training activities, resources used, and results achieved available to all interested parties. This information is published in the Didactic course regulations

The Review Group (Gruppo di Riesame)

The Review Group is the main actor in the study course self-evaluation process. It consists of:

  • the coordinator of the study course
  • at least one other lecturer
  • a student
  • a representative from the world of work and/or a member of the Steering Committee,
  • the relevant Didactic Manager.

The Review Group draws up the Annual Monitoring Form and the Cyclical Review Report.

Joint Committee - Student Lecturers (Commissione paritetica docenti- Studenti/CPDS)

The Department's Joint Teachers-Student Committee is active in order to receive reports from the Department's courses of study from students and to investigate critical aspects related to the course of study.

Steering Committee (Comitato di Indirizzo)

In order to develop greater synergies with the world of work and the territory, a Steering Committee has been set up to facilitate and promote relations between the university and the productive context, bringing the training course closer to the needs of the world of work and collaborating in defining the requirements of the social partners involved.