International students admission

Entry requirements

The Teaching Committee of the Department  will evaluate the Bachelor’s degree and also the scientific background of each applicant to make sure that they match the level of the courses. If the assessment is positive, you can enroll to the Master.

The assesment will be done through the evaluation of the candidate's curriculum and any other useful documents. In neccesary the Teaching Commitee will arrange an interview.

English skills

If English is not the native language, master candidates are required to demonstrate their English proficiency. The minimum accepted level of English proficiency is B2.

There are two available options to certify the English level:

  1. By providing official certificates, as released by recognized institutions;
  2. By interview with the Teaching Commission (only in absence of other appropriate forms of certification).

Students who hold an international language certificate, previously enclosed in the early application, are exempted from presenting other forms of English proficiency certifications.

Similarly, students who previously attended bachelor/master degree courses in English, students whose mother tongue is English, and students who already cleared 30 CFU in English are likewise exempted to provide the aforementioned certifications.

How to enroll

The first step of the procedure requires you to upload your documents and qualifications in order to verify the eligibility for the selected study course. If you are already informed on how to proceed than apply now, otherwise please first check all the information listed on the dedicated web page:

To start your application:

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