The services of the Didactic Manager's Office may be subject to slowdowns from August 7th to 25th, 2023

Each course of study (Cds) has a reference Didactic Manager.

The Didactic Manager:

  • is the reference point for everything related to the organization of the teaching of your degree program
  • provides information on the course and on context services offered by the Department and the University through the Listening Service for female students
  • manages and updates the course website
  • supports the study course coordinator for the planning and management of teaching activities (provision of timetables for lessons and exams) and monitors the quality of teaching delivery.

The didactic managers are:

dr.ssa Elisa Pampolini
dr.ssa Maria Chiara Campana
supporto MD - Cristina Guzzinati

How to contact us:

  • Send an email to: 
  • Telephone counter: tel 0532 293225 on the following days and times: Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 10.00 to 12.00

Reception in presence  only previous appointment