Quality assurance

The University has long established an internal Quality Assurance System in the field of training, which is based on adequate procedures to monitor the effectiveness of the training course and the results of training activities.

Course information

As part of a Quality Assurance system, the course of study makes complete, updated and easily available information on objectives, training activities, resources used and results achieved available to all interested parties. This information is published in the Scheda Unica Annuale Corso di Studio (SUA-CdS) published on the website of the Italian Ministry of University and Research MIUR (Universitaly) dedicated to Educational Offer.

To make this information more easily accessible, the University of Ferrara has also chosen to make it available on the websites of the courses, which are kept constantly updated by the reference Didactic Managers for each course of study.

Review Group

    The Review Group is the main actor in the self-assessment process of the degree program. It is made up:

    • the Course Coordinator
    • at least one other teacher
    • a student
    • a representative of the world of work and / or a member of the Steering Committee
    • the reference Didactic Manager

    The Review Group draws up the Annual Monitoring Form and the Cyclical Review Report.

    Composition of the Review Group

    Joint Teachers - Students Committee

    The Joint Teachers - Students Committee of the Department takes action to receive reports from students from the Department's study courses and to deepen the critical aspects related to the training path.

    Steering Committee

    In order to develop greater synergies with the world of work and the local area, a Steering Committee has been set up to facilitates and promotes relations between the university and the production context, bringing the training path closer to the needs of the world of work and collaborating in defining the needs of the social partners concerned.