Studying abroad

Do you plan to take part at one of the double degree programmes activated?

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Do you plan to spend a period abroad fo studynig or for the traineeship?

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    If you already been selected for the Erasmus+ programme..

    Here some few steps to take just after the selection:

    1. accept the nomination as indicate in the  call for applications; 
    2. check out all the information about your University of destination (courses you can attend, lessons schedule/academic calendar, lingusitic requirments ecc.)
    3. define carefully your study plan abroad. In doing it pay attention to your study plan here and check the programme of each course abroad. Course attended abroad must be closed ( as respect to the programme and the number of credits) to the ones who are supposed to attend here except for the elective course (of type D) as respect to which you can be much more flexibile.
    4. Coordinate your study plan abroad with the referent teacher. Pay attention: a referent teacher is associated with each host country (see the list of referents below) with whom you will have to discuss to define the contents of your study plan abroad and the corresponding UNIFE recognitions. Do it fill is this form and make it signed by the referent teacher.   The study plan (Section A of the L.A. and changes) must therefore not be authorized by the holders of the individual subjects, who must not be contacted, but by the teacher responsible for the country of destination. Once who have the form signed by the referent teacher you can go through the procedure filing in the Learning agreement on the mobility-online platform. Remember to attach the form signed by the referent teacher.
    5.  fill out the  Learning Agreement on mobility on line platform following the instruction of the International office that you can find at this link
    6. Once your Learning has been completed, it will be approved directly on the platform  by  Erasmus coordinator: prof.ssa Sandrine Labory Remember to write an email to prof.ssa Labory for it

    In case of change at your study plan during the mobility repeat step 4 and 5 ...just working on during the mobility section of the Learning agreement

    Referent teacher for each country

    Having recognize the exams done during the ERASMUS+/Atlante exchange period

    Once back after an "ERASMUS +" or Atlante stay, the student is issued a very important document, called "Transcript of Records" (sometimes replaced by Section C of the L.A.), by the University that hosted him, in which the training activities chosen and attended, the number of ECTS credits acquired and the marks that have been attributed. The recognition takes place on the basis of this document and what is stated in your Learning agreement.

    The Didactic Commission is in charged of the recognition and work starting from your Learning agreement and your Transcript of records.

    Keep in mind, however, that:

    • If an exam passed is not in your Learnign agreement it can not be recognized
    • if you have entered two exams abroad corresponding to one at Unife and have passed only one, the entire teaching at Unife will not be recognized (European legislation prohibits partial recognition with subsequent integration) but the the exam passed abroad will be recognized as type D credits.

    To know more about the guidelines followed by the Didactic Commission   GUIDA ALLA CONVERSIONE DEI VOTI OTTENUTI ALL' ESTERO