Entry requirements

Degrees granting a direct admission to the Master course

Master degree or other similar qualifications Precisely: four years degree (M.A. old university system) in Economics, Accounting, Business Management and other similar degrees, bachelor degree (ex 509) in the field area 17 (economics science and business management science), 28 (economics), and in the field area (ex 270) L-18 (economics and business management science), L-33 (economics science), or with an equivalent foreign title.

Requirements for students with different university background

Incoming students must have gained a congruous number of educational credits in an identified cluster of scientific field areas, such as economics, business management, math, and statistics.

Such competencies must be officially certified by the university institution of origin and they must reach a minimum threshold of 50
educational credits*, grouped, at least, as follows:

30 in the economic field (SSD: M-GRR/02 Eco-political geography; SECS-P/01 Political Economy; SECS- P/02 Political Economy; SECS-P/03 Financial Science; SECSP/04 History of Economic thinking; SECS-P/05 Econometrics; SECS-P/06 Applied Economics; SECS-P/12 History of Economics).

10 in the business management field (SSD: SECSP/07 Accounting; SECS-P/08 Business Management; SECS-P/09 Corporate Finance; SECS-P/10 Organization Science; SECS-P/11 Financial Intermediaries).

10 in the math and statistics field (MAT/01 Math
Logic; MAT/02 Algebra; MAT/03 Geometry; MAT/05
Math Analysis; INF/01 Information Science; MAT/06
Probabilities and statistics math; SECS-S/01 Statistics;
SECS-S/03 – Economic statistics; SECS-S/04 Demography;
SECS-S/05 Statistica sociale; SECS-S/06 Mathematical
models for economics, actuarial science and financial science)

*In case of small misalignments between the requirements and the student’s credits, the proper office will examine the specific,
individual case. In some cases, the University reserves itself the right to decide whether to interview the student in order to assess the
presence of the preliminary knowledge and skills needed.

Assessment of personal competences and skills

La verifica della personale preparazione riguarderà l’informatica di base e la lingua inglese. L’accertamento sarà effettuato in una delle due seguenti modalità:

  1. analisi della documentazione prodotta (per l’informatica è richiesto il possesso di almeno 3 CFU o di ECDL; per la lingua inglese il possesso di almeno 6 CFU o certificazione linguistica di livello almeno B1 del Quadro di riferimento europeo per le lingue);
  2. somministrazione di un test con domande a risposta multipla.

Una commissione nominata dal CdS (commissione crediti) verificherà il possesso dei requisiti curriculari e valuterà la personale preparazione degli studenti ai fini dell’ammissione al corso di laurea.

Admission to the 2nd Cycle Degree Programme issubject to the possession of the described curricular requirements and to thepassing of a test to assess the students' personal competences and skills,which will be done as follows:

- The assessment of the candidate's curriculum,the evaluation of the previous degree, motivation letter and any other usefuldocuments that the candidate may submit to the previous mentioned Board.

Second Cycle Degree Programmes may include aspecific session for international students, appointing a Board to assesspersonal competences and skills, compatibly with the schedule laid down in thecall for applications for study grants (the deadline of which is indicativelyin May).

International students who pass theabove-mentioned entrance exam are exonerated from the following assessment oftheir personal competencies and skills required for students generally.


Not required when the graduation grade is equal or superior to 70/110 in the above-mentioned cases which guarantee a direct admission (section A)

In case the graduation grade is inferior to 70/110, the University might reserve itself the right to opt for a student interview. The interview is aimed at verifying student’s former knowledge and skills.

English skills

If English is not the native language, master candidates are required to demonstrate their English proficiency. The minimum accepted level of English proficiency is B2.
There are two available options to certify the English level:
1. By providing official certificates, as released by recognized institutions;
2. By interview with the Teaching Commission (only in absence of other appropriate forms of certification);
Students who hold an international language certificate, previously enclosed in the early application, are exempted from presenting other
forms of English proficiency certifications.
Similarly, students who previously attended bachelor/master degree courses in English, students whose mother tongue is English, and
students who already cleared 30 CFU in English are likewise exempted to provide the aforementioned certifications.