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  • Dr.ssa Elisa Pampolini

To find out the contact details and reception hours, consult the page Manager

Quality Assurance - Review Group

Draws up the annual and cyclical review report of the study program with the aim of

  • verify the adequacy and effectiveness of the management of the course of study
  • investigate the causes of any unsatisfactory results
  • adopt the appropriate corrective and improvement measures

To know the composition, consult the dedicated page Revew Group (Gruppo di riesame)

Quality Assurance - Steering Committee

The Steering Committee includes members of representative organizations at local, regional, national level of production, services and professions.

To find out about the functions and composition, consult the dedicated  Steering Committee (Comitato di Indirizzo)

Didactic Commission for credit assessment, access for subsequent years

Resolution on the career of students if they submit an application for passage, transfer, shortening of the course, recognition of exams completed during the study stay abroad, language certifications, individual study plan.

To know the composition, consult the page Didactic Commission (Commissione Didattica)

Teachers referent for orientation, internships, Erasmus, equal opportunities, disabilities and SLD

Joint Teachers - Students Committee

  • Bertarelli Silvia (coordinator)
  • Aliano Mauro
  • Nicolli Francesco
  • Vacant - Rappresentante studenti LM-77 (in italian)
  • Giuliano Maria Assunta - Student Representative LM-77 (in italiano)
  • Rizzi Federico - Student Representative LM-56 
  • Finiguerra Letizia - Student Representative LT

Student representatives

  • Finiguerra Letizia e Tiozzo Bon Riccardo - Student Council
  • Naseer Nedah - Board of the Bachelor's Degree Course
  • vacant for 2023/2024 - Board of  of the Master's Degree

Teaching Tutors

At this page you can find the list of all the tutors, their field of work and their contacts