Teaching Calendar

Beginning and end of lessons and exam periods

  • The lessons of the courses are organized over two didactic periods, the "semesters".
  • The start of classes may be subject to changes in relation to the published schedules. Please review the timetable prior to the start of the courses for possible changes.
  • Examinations are held during term times.

Where are the classes

Academic calendar a.y. 2022-23

Holidays, exam and lesson periods info :

Didactic period

  • 1st semester: 19th September 2022 - 23 December 2022 
  • 2nd semester: 20th February 2023 - 1st June 2023

Exam sessions

  • winter session: 9th January- 17th February 2023
  • summer session:  5th June - 28th July 2023
  • autumn session: 4th September - 22th September 2023

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In these days teaching activities will not be hold.

A.Y. 2022/23

  • Festa Ognissanti: 31st October 2022 and 1st November 2022 
  • Festa Immacolata: 8th December 2022 and 9th December 2022 
  • Vacanze Natalizie: from the 24th of December 2022 till the 6th of January 2023 (both included)  
  • Vacanze Pasquali: from the 7th of April 2023 till the 11th of April 2023 (both included) 
  • Festa della Liberazione: 24th of April 2023 and 25th of April 2023 
  • Festa del lavoro: 1st May 2023
  • Festa della Repubblica: 2nd June 2023.