The internal traineeship (internship) may be carried out at the Department of Physics and Earth Sciences, or at any Department, research organisation (e.g. INFN, INAF, CNR, etc.), Centre or Institute of the University of Ferrara.

In order to activate the internal traineeship it is necessary to 

At the end of the internal placement the student is required to:

  • fill in the "Attendance Register" and the "Student Form" by accessing the "student" area of the UNIFE website with his/her credentials:
  • ask the academic tutor to fill in the "Academic Tutor Form" by accessing the "Academic Tutors" area of the website using their UNIFE credentials:

The academic tutor is responsible for the closure of the placement; in order for the activity to be correctly recorded, the student must: 

  • register for the F-credit roll using the website, only after all items ("Student Questionnaire", "Academic Tutor Questionnaire", "Register") have been completed.
  • send an email to Prof. Fabio Mantovani ( stating that the above procedure has been completed.