Traineeship and project work

Filling out your study plan you can choose for one or  both:

  • an traineeship activity (4 ECTS, 100 hours of traineeship minimum)
  • a project work - as elective course (7 ECTS, 175 hours of activity minimum)

Administrative procedure to follow is the same. You can do both but, in this case, you will have to do the procedure twice one for the traineeship and the second for the project work .

To start

Where can I do my traineeship?
Where to start to activate it? 

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Internal traineeship

Do you want to do your traineeship in internal University structures? 

Useful information

Thesis Internship

Do you want to deepen your "traditional" thesis with an internship experience?

Thesis internship

Recognition of the traineeship

Have you previously done a traineeship experience or a work experience?

Would you like to request that the traineeship be recognized?

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Project work

Students may choose the project work as elective course (type D) 7 CFU, 175 hours of traineeship minimum.

Project work is not a normal traineeship: with project work the student works together with a teacher to introduce a process or product innovation into the company, then works to develop a specific project and has a much more active and proactive role than it can be in the traineeship. In the project work it is necessary to identify a specific task / objective / problem that the student intends to achieve under the supervision of the teacher . Eg. develop online sales, optimize the costs of a particular division, prepare a marketing activity for a new product, etc.

If you are thinking about it Read carefully LINEE GUIDA DEL PROJECT WORK

Operative guidelines (english version)


  • administrative procedure to activate the project work experience is the same of the curricular traineeship.
  • we always recommend to include in the plan, together with the project work, another supernumerary D-type exam of equal credits. Thus, in the event that project work cannot be activated, it will be possible to opt for the other course without encountering possible slips in the graduation date

Traineeship abroad

You would like to take your traineeship abroad?

discover all the possibilities:

traineeship abroad

traineeship with the Erasmus traineeship 


What information to give to the company in which you are going to do the traineeship?

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