Exam sessions a.a. 2024/25

  • Winter session: 07th January 2025 - 21st February 2025
  • Summer session: 9th June 2025 - 31st July 2025
  • Autumn session:  01st September 2025 - 12th September 2025

Proof of attendance at an exam

Frequent question: How many time can i try the same exam?

For each course there are 6 exam date every year, two for each exams session

It is up to you choose in which session and date take the exam,.

If you fail an exam you can try it again in the following exams session

Instead if you register in your "libretto piano" the result of the exam you can not take it anymore

Taking exams in Unife

For information on:

  • Instructions on looking for exams and registrations
  • Student opinion surveys
  • Consultation outcomes
  • Covid emergency

You can find everything on the Unife website in the dedicated section:


Exam Calendar

You can find all the available dates in the area dedicated to students:

Notice board

Support for taking exams

Are you a student / student with disabilities and / or SLD?

You can request adapted procedures for carrying out the exams, with the compensatory or dispensatory measures that are due to you by law.

For information on:

  • What measures can be required
  • Documents to be presented
  • Deadlines

Consult the page of the Unife website "Support for taking exams":

Disabilities/SLD students support