Current Training Path

The course description collects the basic information on the course.

It is drawn up and published annually. It is necessary to check that offers are published each year on the course, checking its annual path on the updated document.

In the document "description of the training path" it can be found: 

  • the access requirements and verification procedures
  • the rules relating to enrollments and any attendance obligations
  • the organization of the course
  • the study plan with the list of courses and internships and the corresponding amount of training credits
  • the didactic period in which the lessons and exams will take place
  • the indications of any prerequisites to be respected
  • deadlines (study plan, certification recognition, etc.)

The list of teachers included in the document can be consulted with links for further information, on the web page "Syllabi and Teaching Staff".

Programme regulation a.y. 2024/25

Training Path (Italian version) a.a. 2024/25

Training Path (English version) a.y. 2024/25