Internal internship

Internal intersnhip

University of Ferrara offers its students the opportunity to carry out internships within the University itself (Research Centers, Institutes, Offices, etc.), or to develop a study project under the supervision of a teacher.

How to activate the internal internship

In order to activate it, it is necessary to make specific agreements with a teacher, after which it is necessary to fill in the Internal Internship Form, have it signed by the teacher who will follow the project and send a copy to the Office of the Didactic Manager (who does not have to sign the form, only register it):

Vote Recording

To record the grade of the internal internship, at the end of the experience, a report on the work carried out must be delivered to one's teacher tutor. The teacher will record the grade by opening an ad hoc "appello".

P.N: It will be possible to record the internship only after the student has entered the activity in the plan filling in the study plan.